firestarter cubes for the BBQ

Weber firestarter cubesIf you use a charcoal barbecue on a regular basis, then you will certainly want to invest in some Weber FireStarter Cubes.

There are two things that make using a charcoal BBQ so much easier:

  1. Chimney Starters
  2. Lighter Cubes

If you don’t have a chimney starter, then you can find my recommendation here.

When you use a chimney starter together with lighter cubes, you have all the tools you need to get your charcoal grill up and running in the most efficient way possible.

As you might have noticed, I tend to use and recommend a lot of products from Weber. When it comes to lighter cubes, I also recommend a product from Weber.

The Weber FireStarter Cubes are the best tool for starting your charcoal BBQ. But they’re not only used for lighting your grill. You can use them to start any type of fire.

One of the best things about these cubes is that they can totally replace lighter fluid. No more soaking your coals or firewood in lighter fluid.

With these lighter cubes, you simply set them where you need them (underneath your chimney starter) and light them up. They’re very reliable and even work in the rain.

Here are their best features:

  • Can light up even when wet
  • No lighter fuel needed
  • No unpleasant odor
  • No smoke
  • Work very fast

A typical box from Weber will come with 24 cubes. In most cases, you only need 1 cube to get started.

My Results After Testing These Cubes

using lighter cubes on charcoal bbqThese are a game changer.

It almost feels like you’re cheating.

Remember those times when starting a fire was such a struggle?

Well those days are over once you start using these lighter cubes.

I personally have a box on hand at my home. If you leave them out of the box for several months, they may not burn as long, however I haven’t seen any issues with mine.

There are some other alternatives, however I noticed these cubes from Weber to light the fastest, and burn the longest.

I highly recommend you start using these.