BBQ grills under 300 dollars

Make no mistake about it, the 3 grills listed here are great.

They’ve gotten awesome reviews, and I do recommend them. However, if space is not a huge issue, and you can increase your budget, I would highly recommend you check out the best grills for under $500 here. 

After researching tons of grills myself, checking out all the other barbecue websites, and reading through countless customer reviews, the 500 dollar mark is really the sweet spot when it comes to BBQ grills. If you can increase your budget from 300 to 500, I truly believe you will save that extra 200 dollar investment over the next few years.

That’s just me begin honest. That being said, if you don’t want to spend a bit more, these options are your best choices in this price range:

1) Char-Broil Classic 4-Burner Gas Grill

Char-Broil BBQThis simple, hassle-free gas grill easily ranks among the best grilling machines available for less than $300. The simplicity starts with the easy-opening lid that kicks off every barbecuing session quickly and easily. The iron grates have a cutting-edge porcelain coating to ensure consistent heat throughout the foods you cook.

These grates let you rest easy knowing that your foods are being cooked evenly and quickly. The Char-Broil Classic also has a swing away (also porcelain covered) that lets you easily cook up smaller foods like appetizers with a minimal amount of heat. The Char-Broil grill features push-button electronic ignition for trouble-free starting at the exact power level you want. There’s no need to fumble with the ignition system every time you start grilling; you get the perfect heat every time. The time-saving features make the Char-Broil Classic an excellent choice for busy summer cookouts where you need to get perfectly-cooked food off the grill and onto plates fast.

Personally, I really don’t like being cramped by a tiny workspace when I’m trying to grill, especially in the hottest months of the year. That’s why I especially appreciate the spacious metal side shelves attached to this Char-Broil grill. They give me plenty of space for prep and finish work without cramping the grill itself. During a typical family barbecue, I’ve usually got those shelves filled with spices, sauces, baked potatoes, vegetables, kabobs, and a host of other vital grilling accessories. There’s more than enough space here for even the most gear-intensive griller to spread out his wares.

All too often, a cheap grill translates into a flimsy machine that’s not going to hold up over time. That’s not the case with the Char-Broil classic. All of the exterior panels are made of sturdy stainless steel, including the lid, handle, fascia, and control panel. Plenty of highly satisfied owners have raved about the strength and quality of the construction. In my personal opinion, the design of the Char-Broil grill looks quite bit more expensive than it is, giving you a little extra bit of credit as a serious grill man.

Finally, the Char-Broil Classic gives you a really handy grease tray to make cleanup a breeze. Once you’re done cooking, the tray pops right out for cleaning and it’s coated to make tough grease slide right off. Clean up is easily my least favorite part of grilling, so I appreciate the help in this department!

2) Dyna Glo Smart Space Living Burner Gas Grill

Dyna Glo BBQWe live in busy times. That’s an unavoidable fact. In a world where everyone is eager for “life hacks” to simplify their day, a speedy and convenient grill like the Dyna Glo Smart Space is definitely appreciated. It makes cooking fast, easy, and fun.

This grill is designed for portability, which means it’s right at home in even the most cramped spaces. When you have room to spread out, you can engage the grill’s folding side tables to give you some extra cooking space. They fold up to make the Dyna Glo grill easier to store and pack; this is the perfect grill for a family with a small home or for the griller who likes to take his cooking act on the road when tailgating or camping.

The porcelain/steel firebox on the Dyna Glo Smart Space grill has premium stainless steel burners. This compact grill is one of the best in the market for smaller units, but it delivers a tremendous amount of heat to its 503 square inches of grilling space. This is all of the power of a full-sized grill condensed down into a portable package.

The Dyna Glo grill has a double-walled stainless steel lid that holds in heat and comes with an integrated temperature gauge. There are steel heat tents protecting the burners. The end result is a barbecue experience that delivers infused, highly-concentrated flavors in the food you cook. The tray beneath the burners has a detachable grease cup to simplify maintenance and cleaning.

The stainless steel burners on the Smart Space grill have premium commercial ratings. That translates to high-quality performance and long lasting durability in my experience. When I’m cooking outdoors, that’s exactly the sort of reliability I’m looking for. Setting custom temperatures is a breeze thanks to the grill’s infinite control valve.

3) FUEGO Element Carbon Steel Gas Grill

FUEGO BBQ grillThis is a really distinctive grill that’s bound to get a lot of second looks in your backyard. I wasn’t that surprised to learn that Robert Brunner, one of the bigwigs at the design-conscious Apple corporation, had a hand in its creation.

He teamed up with Alex Siow, noted businessman, to create the FUEGO Carbon Steel grill. This premium grill is made entirely within the state of California. Besides delighting a lot of happy customers, the FUEGO has also won awards from Vesta (Best Gas BBQ) and Spark Design.

The FUEGO is a highly efficient grill. It can deliver over 20 hours of cooking time on its double burners on a single tank of fuel. The grill can hit 500 degrees Fahrenheit in just five minutes. The porcelain-made iron grate weighs 15 pounds and produces long-lasting sears. You can adjust the heat of the FUEGO anywhere from 250 to 700 degrees to meet your specific cooking needs.

The main cooking space of the FUEGO grill boasts 346 square inches of evenly-heated space. This makes it easy to grill up a family’s worth of food all at once. This is my ideal grill for cooking up a meal for a big group without sacrificing any fine control. It’s not at all hard to ensure that everyone gets their meat delivered just the way they like it.

The FUEGO has a sleek, modern style that’s both attractive and functional. The propane tank is tucked behind a door. The residue tray is easy to clean, and the tilt-prevention wheels lock to keep the grill stable and secure. The FUEGO’s electronic ignition is reliable and activates instantly.