BBQ grills under 200 dollars

If you want to buy a barbecue grill that will last, the 200 dollar mark is really the lowest you want to go.

The only reason I would recommend something cheaper, is when space is very limited, or you’re looking for a portable grill.

I always say that if you can bump your budget up to the 500 dollar mark, you can get yourself an awesome Weber grill, which will last for years. If this is possible, then head over to the list of grills for under $500 here.

But if you’re committed to the 200 dollar price point, these 3 are your best options:

Char Broil Classic 300Char-Broil Classic 300

This is a grill brand that is well known for being made well, durable and able to stand the test of time. The porcelain and steel lid, along with the firebox, will safeguard the grill externally from any wear and tear. The internal construction is nice and solid, making it easy to maintain. Generally, this is a grill that is designed to be used often, taking all sorts of abuse.

On the inside, the iron grates covered with porcelain offer up 300 square inches of quality cooking space, with a secondary grill surface offering 120 additional square inches that swings away when not in use. What the porcelain coating does is allow for a smoother cooking process with no sticking, making for painless clean up. There are also dual working burners that make it easy for you to cook meals for a larger group. The 30,000 BTUs of power are a respectable standard, so you can get a decent amount of heat for straight forward, quick cooking.

The iron side shelves easily fold away after preparation to allow for a compact profile when the grill is not in use.

Char Griller 3001Grillin’ Pro Gas Grill by Char-Griller

This option is a stand out in this category, bringing great performance, optimum grilling space and a full size experience with 438 square inches of cooking surface. Not only is there the primary barbecue space, but there is also a warming rack that is another 192 square inches in surface space. Char-Griller is known for durable steel structures, with this grill have electronically operated burners and dual stacks for high quality cooking experiences.

Heat distribution is always something important to look at and with this grill, it is handled skillfully. The grill has dual stacks offering even heat distribution, saving the user from having to constantly try to adjust temperature to evenly disperse heat over the cooking area. The burners are electrically operated, giving consistent performance and allowing grillers to cook hot dogs, burgers, ribs and steaks at the perfect temperature.

Grillin’ Pro has other features that may be smaller, yet they stand out and are worth noting. The stay cool handle helps to eliminate any unwanted heat on the outer portion of the grill both during and after use. The iron grates with porcelain covering makes the cooking experience pleasant, even to someone who is new to grilling, as there is no sticking and plenty of even heat distribution throughout. The side shelf is just right for optimal space when you need to prep your foods or store after cooking. The handy utensil hooks on the side are also just right for hanging tools during your cookout.

When you become a more serious griller, you can check out the Side Fire Box charcoal grilling accessory by Char-Griller. This is an add on that allows you to convert your grill into a dual charcoal and gas grill, giving you more flexibility for your overall grilling experience with that rich, smoky taste that only charcoal can offer.

Char Broil QuicketQuickest 3 Burner Gas Grill by Char-Broil

Just like the Classic, this grill is going to give you a long lasting experience with a porcelain steel lid and the firebox. Certain parts have been manufactured and put together for easy, quick user assembly. Just as the name suggests, you have set up that will take less than 15 minutes from start to finish, so you will be up and running quicker than it takes you to get the grill home.

You have three burners that are a standout on this particular grill, consisting of 1 side burner and two main burners. Total cooking space measures in at 380 square inches for the primary area and then 170 square inches for the secondary area. Extra cooking space here is just right for hosting a barbecue for a large group of friends or family. This will also give you the ability to cook a number of different meats all at the same time, using various temperatures.

Unrelated to the functional capacity of the grill, this is an option in the group that is stylish, cool looking and sleek. Just right for adding something extra to your outdoor set up.