BBQ cover reviews

Like with any type of product out there, you will find a range of prices, quality, designs, and sizes.

This is definitely true in regards to BBQ covers. I have bought some cheap ones which have faded in a few weeks, and I’ve bought some more expensive ones which have lasted a long time.

Here I want to highlight the best options and list the 3 covers that I recommend.

All of these will come in various sizes so it’s important to know how wide your barbecue is.

Classic Accessories

Classic Accessories BBQ Cover

Classic Accessories is a leader in creating products of this nature.

They specialize in BBQ covers, and other furniture covers. There are several sizes and it's important to choose a cover that will fit your grill.

What's great about these covers is that Classic Accessories has provided many different sizes. Whether you have a 58 inch wide barbecue, or a large 80 inch barbecue, you will find a cover from this brand that will fit.

There is a long list of grills that these covers will fit, and these are all outlined on the retail website where these are sold.

The reason these covers are rated so well is because they fit the widest range of BBQ grills, and they have the most features such as reinforced padded handles, adjustable webbing belts, pockets for grill accessories, 4 colours, a limited warranty and much more.


Weber BBQ Cover

You don't need to have a Weber BBQ to use this BBQ cover.

The reason I recommend this cover is quality. Yes it's more expensive, however it's clearly a better cover when compared to some others, and is backed by a leading company in this industry.

If your barbecue is exposed to the elements, both winters and even hot weather, then a durable cover is always recommended.

If your choice is based solely on price, then don't choose this cover. Instead choose the Garden Home Outdoor Cover.

But if you want the best quality cover, then consider this product from Weber. You will pay more, but you get a 3 year warranty from a reputable brand.

Garden Home Outdoor

Garden Home Outdoor BBQ Cover

If you want to save some money, but still get a cover that has received a lot of positive reviews, then choose the Garden Home Outdoor cover.

Although the retail price is similar to the Classic Accessories' covers, this is usually on sale for $19.99 and this is when it's a great deal. For this price is worth it, however when the prices are the same, it's clearly not as good as the other options above.

This is a basic cover, and for many people that's what they're looking for. If you're not too concerned with the looks, or added features like extra pockets, then this is recommended because of its price.

It comes in several different colours and sizes which should fit most cart style barbecues.

Many consumers who have bought this understood that it was priced much lower than some other choices, and many have been pleased with the quality.

What About Charcoal Covers

You might also be after a cover for a charcoal grill, such as a Kettle style charcoal grill.

You can find a list of these covers on sale at Amazon.